EzySoft Presents EzyConnect for EzySkool

With education being shifted to a completely online medium, management of administration and educational training process can benefit immensely from a learning management system like EzySoft. EzySoft brings EzySkool which is a platform where teachers, students, parents and the administration can connect. It enables face-to-face learning with online mechanisms which are better and much advanced than a traditional classroom setup. EzySkool is a safe environment that is web-based where the organization can manage its large amounts of data. This makes administration easy, less time consuming and cost-effective.

However, such a completely online education system brings with it its own set of problems. This generation of kids are extremely tech-savvy and even toddlers have tablets. The pandemic and subsequent closure of schools have forced school administration to incorporate computers and tablets as a part of their curriculum to continue learning through online classes. In such a situation, parents have the dilemma of giving their children digital freedom but also making limitations in this freedom. Parents often think that limiting their access to seriously hamper their children’ learning. However, such an increased screen time can also expose children to online threats and content that are too mature for them.

However, with the help of EzyConnect which is an inbuilt tool with EzySkool for parental control and guidance, children can navigate the digital world around them safely. Some of these features include remote control, whitelist, blacklist, app usage history etc. Following are some of the benefits of using the parental control tool, EzyConnect.

Monitor Your Kids’ Devices

With this tool, you can keep tabs on their tablets, phones and other devices. You can also monitor their profiles, texts and other mobile functions. This can prevent any problematic conversations or activities. With this tool, the administration can also monitor the activities of the students.

Manage Content Visibility

Internet is a place where infinite content is available for kids. EzyConnect has a feature with which you view the history of online activity. This way you can keep a track on the websites they are visiting or the digital content they are consuming. With this information, you can later block certain pages that you think are inappropriate for your child.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting

You cannot always monitor what your child is doing on the internet. But you can ensure you’re your child does not stumble upon explicit content. This can be done with the blacklisting and whitelisting features provided by EzyConnect.

Helps Establish Good Cyber Safety Habits

Cybercrime is very rampant nowadays and people with poor safety habits are the ones most vulnerable to them. Because children are inherently curious, they might engage in risky behaviour like sharing sensitive information without understanding the repercussions of it. Disclosing information such as name and location can lead to serious security threats. EzyConnect ensures prevention of these activities and establishes good cyber etiquettes.

Set Screen Time Limits

Devices such as phones and tablets are very addictive. People often waste hours on end glued to their phones forgetting their physical surrounding. This addiction affects children badly. Excessive screen time can seriously affect their health such as eyesight, lack of sleep, poor posture etc. EzyConnect will help you put time limits on different types of media that the child uses. Limited screen time will encourage them to engage in other activities.

Help Back-Up Data

Internet is widely used by children or doing projects and assignments. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the data is backed up safely. With EzyConnect, the data is stored safely. It can prevent viruses and malware. Pictures, videos, and other personal details can be stored safely and there will always be a backup if the device gets broken or stolen.

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