Importance of Online Health Care Services

With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown regulations, there is a critical gap in the accessibility to medical services by people. Visiting a hospital increases the risk of contracting the virus. This gap has been filled my online healthcare services that can be delivered at your doorstep. These services can help the thousands of people who are struggling to get health care during this tough time. Since visiting the hospital has become close to impossible, the use of telemedicine has seen a drastic hike. For those suffering from chronic illness, the demand for home visits, checkups at home and tests at home has increased tremendously. With the government advice to the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases to not visit hospitals for their regular check-ups or minor issues, many hospitals have shut down their outpatient departments. This has created a vacuum that can only be filled by online health care services and telemedicine. Pre-COVID people were not that aware of the kind of health services available online. But with cases increasing day by day, the awareness regarding these services have skyrocketed. According to a resident of Bangalore, home health care services were the only option to look after her father in law who suffered a stroke. With the help of these services, she was able to get doctors, speech therapists, physiotherapists, home nurses at her home to take care of him. Tests could also be conveniently conducted at home. Home health care has proven quite helpful for hospitals as well. These services collaborate with the hospitals as they are not aware of this new model of medical treatment. Following are some of the important online health care services

Virtual Consultation

Online health care devices provide you with a mechanism to consult your doctor virtually. This makes sure that you get access to your doctor while quarantining inside your house. This can prevent unnecessary visits to the hospital. Hospitals tend to be crowded and people might not be careful about social distancing. This can increase the risk of contracting the virus. With this system, you can book an appointment for online consultation with the doctor you like. The app also provides health care professionals with an opportunity to do tele evaluation and electronic consultation within the confines of their own home while complying lockdown measures. When patients are diagnosed at home, face to face encounters can be avoided.

Remote Clinical Examination

Medical examination can be done reasonably through remote facilities. Two important factors to facilitate this are inexpensive video software and a good internet connection. Minor symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath etc. can be well analysed from a distance. a torch can be illuminated so that the doctor can view the patient’s throat. A digital telescope can be used to transmit the lungs and heart sounds of the patient. Other vitals like blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate etc. can also be analysed in a remote setting with the right devices.

Online Home Nursing Facilities

Some agencies provide applications and websites whereby you can hire home health nurses for your loved ones. These platforms provide well trained, professional, verified health care professionals. Since hospitals are not accessible, patients with severe health conditions can avail these services. The elderly and terminally ill benefit the most out of these services. During lockdown, they might feel even more isolated. These professionals can help in their personal care while giving them companionship.

Delivery of Medicines

One of the most important necessity is access to medicines. Many people have to take drugs and their lives depend on them. But due to the strict lockdown measures, one might not be able to go to a pharmacist. Going to a medical shop can further increase the risk of contracting services. These online health care services can deliver non-prescription and prescription medicines at your doorstep.

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